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Three Moons Over Stars Hollow, Take Eleventy-Seven

September 4, 2006

Just when I’m starting to get used to Three Moons Over Stuckeyville Cicely Mayberry Stars Hollow Milford, they throw yet another shameless reference at me that they’ve stolen directly from Gilmore Girls:  namely a Town Troubadour.  Okay, sure, he’s an accordion player this time, but, geez, that just compounds the sin.

It’s official:  ABC Family is desperate to have its own Gilmore Girls and Three Moons Over Milford is just as desperate to be that rip-off of Gilmore Girls as its wacky residents are to go off and do their wacky townie things. 

Note:  yeah, this means that I watched last week’s episode last night, which only shows you how much a combination of a prescription reaction and a sinus infection within two days of each other have just whammied me.  To make matters worse, Fox up and repeated the pilot of Vanished twice on Friday night rather than repeat last week’s Prison Break in the 8pm timeslot like they originally threatened to, so I’ve missed out on the second episode — at least, until they decide to marathon the first eight or ten episodes on FX in, like a month or something.  Still, grrrrrr. 

Thanks for nothing, Fox.  It isn’t as if you hadn’t already shown that episode of Vanished twice that week as it was.  And no, you’re not making me any more interested in a show I wasn’t planning on watching in the first place.  Instead, you’re making me resent having Yet Another Political Action Thriller in the vein of 24 and Prison Break shoved down my throat.  Very much a case of Fox’s programmers acting too aggressively and over-promoting a show.


Do You REALLY Wanna Know My Opinion of Three Moons Over Milford?

August 28, 2006

It shamelessly steals from Gilmore Girls — I mean, the main character is a rich, hot MILF named Laura, for crying out loud.  Small, wacky New England Town with odd town meetings.  Teenage daughter who’s too nice to be into the stuff that she’s strangely drawn to.  Then it steals from Joey’s Creek by having Lorelai’s Laura’s son, the show’s Pacey, sleep with an older woman.  Then it steals from Ed by having the Lauralai’s main love interest be a scrappy, goofy lawyer with mother issues of his own.  I swear, if I start hearing Sam Phillips’ La-la’s *I’m* gonna sue the show.

I could say more about how I find all the shameless theft from other, greater shows, is annoying me, but I won’t.  What I’ll be looking for is signs of it breaking away from its very obviously stolen source material influences.