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A Netiquette Question

August 25, 2006

Okay, everyone on knows how long and involved my bullet-pointed critiques of the show can get.  So rather than reinvent the wheel each time, I was thinking that when the new episodes appear, I would post the review in the four main forum that I post to, this blog (of course), (a given), the E! Boards and GoldDerby.  I don’t mean it to be spam or astroturf and I would participate in the conversations that posting the same item in each forum would provoke, it just seems like reinventing the wheel for each forum would be insane, particularly since the fans in each forum don’t seem to overlap much (although the ones from here are coming mostly from E’s Row 1 Regulars).  I’d also add the URL for this here blog, but remain a poster in each of the forum.  Is this kosher?  Does it skirt around the rules of astroturf and spam by being posts that I’ll fully intend to (and likely will) participate in convesation in each place I post it?  Do I fully disclose that I post as a blog and anyone that wants to can also post here (even the same entry as elsewhere, as long as it’s intelligent, of course 😉  )   If it’s not a good thing, I’ll limit my gg reviews to just here and atgg,  but your input would be greatly appreciated.


Just a Heads Up on the Format of this Blog

August 25, 2006

It’s a work in progress, of course.  As I figure things out, more will be able to happen.  I want to be able to start doing threads about TV shows as the new season begins, so that’ll start up in a month.  Meanwhile, the more diary-like entries (which will never go away) will be the majority of the posts.

That said — what did everyone think of the new episode of Eureka?  I’m having fun with it.  It’s beyond me to do a dissertation on it at the moment, so let’s talk about it.  Northern Exposure talk in this thread would be helpful, too.  Thanks!

One more thing for readers who are coming from  I like being the FAQ-keeper and I like talking to/with you, even the arguments, so I don’t expect my participation to go down.  My participation will probably decrease in, but that’s really to be expected and Ian had better get his ass over here.  😉

Yes, Clearly I’m a Newbie At This

August 23, 2006

I know, I know.  I’ll get a sidebar going and an RSS feed up and running as soon as I figure out how to do them.  (I’m a newbie, remember?)  in the meantime, try  She’s great and she’s one of the Row 1 Regulars who helped push me to blog.

Why Blog, Why Now?

August 23, 2006

Well, as the many readers of the newsgroup can attest, I’m a fairly prolific writer with strong opinions.  I’ll practically fight to the death for them when I’m pushed.  But fear not, I will also always apologize when someon convinces me that I’m wrong.

That’s the whys of the mechanics of doing this blog, but still, why blog at all?  Because I want to create a blog that I’d want to read.

There’s got to be something that isn’t skanky-ho vile on the one hand and isn’t frat boy oogling of pneumatic, bionic bikinis on the other.  Both types are pandered to by the tabloids.  And the tabloids are absolutely unreadable as a result.

My education is in stage management and dramaturgy (script analysis and history) and I don’t see enough of that amongst the tabloid hackery.  Television Without Pity is just an excuse to snark at what they don’t like.  Fan Forum emphasizes shrines too much for my tastes. is about right but its architecture for threads and topics is weird and unweidlly (although I loved doing Funny Screen Caps there at the top of 2005).  So what I really want to do is create a forum that rejects all the misogynistic excesses of the Man Show type of man and treats even bad shows with a modicum of respect.  A forum where guys and gals alike can speak their minds, even saying Fuck a lot, without being at loggerheads about everything.  A forum where heated discussion is not considered rude, as it so stupidly is in some of the forums run by younger posters who, frankly, should know better.

Except for George Stults, the worst actor on Television by far as Lucy’s husband on the now-irredeemable 7th Heaven.  He’s fair game.  Happy Hunting.