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I Wish I Were A Vampire . . .

January 29, 2007

. . . ‘Cause my teeth would grow back, like instantly.  As a few people on atgg already know, one of my molars fractured in two about, like, a day after my previous post here to the blog.  Fortunately, I had a root canal on this tooth when I was 8, which means it’s been dead for almost 30 years and not causing me much pain other than inflammation of the surrounding gums, which have gone away.  As long as I don’t try to eat my food on that side of the mouth (and I’m a right-sidey, where the tooth is located), I’m fine-ish.  Except for the stress-related cold store that has just appeared on my lip over the pas couple of days and is waaaaaaaay more painful than the tooth as long as I, like, don’t try to use the tooth to chew food.

Meanwhile, the dentist is trying to play it conservative and not pull the tooth if he doesn’t absolutely have to — even though, if it were a good candidate to save (which it’s not), getting it crowned would still be more expensive than just pulling it.  I can understand totally understand that motive, but I’m at the point where I just want the fershlugginer thing gone.  I never had wisdom teeth to begin with — ctually, my back molars *are* my wisdom teeth, I’m actually missing a full set of inner molars.  Lucky me, I’m a mutant.  BID. — and this tooth seems to be headed for the junkpile anyway.  I just want it gone.  Buuuuut the dentist, in his totally responsible cautiousness, has had me put gauze soaked in epsom salts in that side of my mouth in order to cut down on the inflammation and any likely infection in it.  So now we’ve been playing phone tag since last Friday to see how I’m doing.

And this is where living out in the boonies, beyond even the limit line of the small town I allegedly live in-ish, sucks.  It means that I’m on a land-line, which means, I don’t get to sign on line and do blogs and newsgroups until basically after business time every week day until the dentist and I finally agree that the damn tooth has got to go.

And oh, yeah, there’s a snow-front coming our way.  (cue weepy violins, then shoot them).  So, I wonder — what would Jim from The Office do?  Huh?!  Tell me!  What would Jim from The Office do?!

So, fractured tooth, epsom salts, stress-induced cold sore, phone tag, impending snow and a cautious, responsible dentist — sounds to me like enough material for a sitcom.   I mean, how else to explain the existence of the horrendously awful Knights of Prosperity?


To Quote Sondheim (or is it Shirley MacLaine?), “I’m Still Here!” No, Really! Honest!

January 20, 2007

Okay, I wish I had no excuse for not posting for the past couple of months, but I do the dog ate my homework.  In fact I have several of them, and hopefully, some jokes that I haven’t used before.  Think of this as “Shut Up, Rob!: Extra-Super Beta Pre-Release Preview Version”

While I was gone from blogging, I found out that:

1) I’m hopelessly addicted to the Huffington Post and Crooks & Liars blogs, which I won’t hyperlink here lest you become addicted and stop blogging for months at a time, too.

2) My old computer was dying and making it a bee-yatch to even sign in here.  When I lost that one post that I took, like, three hours to write, because the fershlugginer computer froze, the writing was on the wall and thus the endless agonizing over what computer to buy began.  And was made worse by being so close to Christmas time and yet so far away from Christmas sales that I decided I had to wait to blog again until I had a new computer.  In the meantime, yes, I swore a lot and otherwise mouthed off on Usenet, but that’s because, well, the Agent newsreader is pretty darn hard to not be able to use even when the computer is misbehaving.  But I have a new computer now thanks to computer sales and a ginchy online rebate from one of the major computer sellers that have a box store (that’s just to tell you that it’s an HP Media Center again, not a P.O.S. Dell) and everything’s hunky dory electronically now.

3) I was always continuing to collect notes on and grade all the various shows I’ve been watching.  And I noticed two trends.  First, my notes kept getting longer and longer, almost turning into beat sheets for every show.  That just takes too much time and was starting to burn me out.  Second, I started to notice that except for every other episode of CSI: Miami, and a terrible episode of BSG’s New Caprica arc, I wasn’t giving anything a grade below a B-.  I still suspect that I am guilty of grade inflation, but on the other hand, I do believe that when any story works on its own terms, when it achieves what it set out to do in the story it chose to tell, it generally deserves at least a B-.  So I’m still very conflicted.

4)  And slightly burnt out.  I do NOT know how Ausiello and Veitch do it other than that I remember that Kristin once told us in the old E! Chat Room after one chat that she has, like, 2 or 3 TiVos and still can’t watch everything on a daily basis and still do her day job.  So after watching up to 35 or so shows a week for the past two years I simply realized that I just can’t review ALL of the shows I watch as constantly and with as much intensity as I review Gilmore Girls here and on atgg.  (I confess, some of my few posts here started as atgg posts and vice-versa.)  And to be perfectly honest, Cold Case isn’t worth it.  So while I’m still going to go for the Bullet Point format in reviews, I don’t know yet whether I’m still going to include grades — at least, in the short term, as I intend to develop a grading system that satisfies me and doesn’t misrepresent to skimmers “Oh, that Rob, he likes everything and takes 100 words to say, ‘I like everything’ when only three will do.”  And I don’t know yet how often I’ll touch on every show besides Gilmore Girls — which I will get back to reviewing every week a new episode is on starting this next week (on Wednesday or Thursday, once I’ve let the episode infect my brain).  Maybe I’ll have 10 or so shows that I’ll review every week, touching on the rest that are in my categories box once or twice a month.  I don’t know yet.  I’m a Gemini, so I’m flighty and indecisive.   And into wacky Irish Pisces(es?)   I’m one of those Perfect Storms of Caffeine and Genetics that Lorelai warned you about.

So there you have it.  No promises about anything other than to write about Gilmore Girls and to continue to make it up as I go along about everything else.

One more thing:  such a great scene between George and Burke on Grey’s Anatomy this week.  Why did Isaiah Washington have to go and screw that up?  (resigned sigh)  Humiliating not just TR again, which would have been bad enough, but also the entire cast and Shonda — in public, no less — on what was supposed to be their eve of triumph and critical success.  While I wish that Burke could stay and Washington go, recasting the role is unacceptable, period.  So, as a straight male viewer of the show, he’s poisoning his scenes for me but even moreso, as a (straight, not that it matters and) forever-student stage manager whose first and fierce instinct is to protect any cast from danger, even when it’s internal discord, I’m so deeply offended on a professional level that I think that Washington’s got to go.  After the original incident last October, he got the second chance that Gibson got and Richards got.  The Golden Globes incident was his second and third chances — he blew his second chance with TR and he blew his third chance by humiliating the entire cast in public.  That’s three strikes, you’re out.  That’s extinguish the tiki torch and have Jeff Probst send you home.  That’s . . . career suicide.

The First Lesson of Blogging: Write, Dammit!

September 8, 2006

(or “Blogging Sure Am Easy,” say Bizarro Rob.)

The First Lesson You Really Learn About Blogging is that you basically have no choice but to disappear for two weeks every time you get sick.  The last four or five days, I’ve been able to post more and more to atgg because newsgroup writing is pretty much reactive writing — but blogging is so much more active and so much more “Oh, I have to find my own excuse to write something now?!  That takes a totally different part of that side of the brain!”  The one that’s saying, “No, that sinus infection is making it sooooo hard to concentrate because all I can feel is the sloshing around of infected fluid in my inner ear and the more I think about that the more grossed out I get and the more grossed out I get, the less I can write for myself on this blog again” and suddenly, I’m in, well, a far less goth version of a downward spiral.  (Here’s where somebody tells me to RTFF about how to use WordPress.  Thanks, but I’m a kinaesthetic learner, not a visual learner.  Which is odd, considering that I’m a compulsive writer and comic book collector.  But not so odd if you consider that I like the tacticle sensation of both typing and holding a book, comic book, DVD or magazine in my hand.)

Oh, it’s nice to dream of being TV blogging’s equivalent of John Amato at and be able to bring in guest bloggers whenever you can’t blog, but hey, he’s actually (apparently) making a living at it while I don’t even know how to set up the frickin’ click-throughs to amazon yet.  (Oh, gee, probably means I need to finally set up that PayPal account I’ve always been threatening to get myself.)  But nooooooooOOOOOooooo, I’m not bitter.  I’m not jealous, I’m just settin’ my goal.

Oh well, at least I get to use the standard excuse of “This is just the beta version of my blog, the REAL version doesn’t go up until I know what the hell I’m doing.”  Pleading the truth normally works, don’t it?

Meanwhile, I get to reiterate (or even voice for the first time) my intentions about this blog, to post my 10-or-more-bulleted-point reviews of each new episode of Gilmore Girls every Wednesday or Thursday after a new episode, that I can’t possibly go into that level of anaylsis for every show I watch every week because it just isn’t humanly possible to write that much on a daily basis — the Gg reviews alone run 2-3 pages, so it would be something like 50 pages a day to give even just the shows I watch (and there are a few that I don’t) the same treatment that I give Gg.  And while I would like to give several other shows besides Gg that sort of treatment, my Gg reviews usually take 2-3 hours to write, even with 8 pages of notes in hand to decipher, so physically, I’d only be able to do, at most one show per day in that sort of depth and, well, like, I’d like to write about other things, too — like, how Katie Couric should never, ever wear a white blazer with a (real or) fake tan ever again.

You know, the other important stuff about TV.  If I couldn’t write about that, blogging would be no fun at all ’cause writing reviews would become a chore.

So here’s where I play the “I agree with you, I am clearly making this up as I go along” Card and promise to do some sort of mix of long reviews, primarily Gilmore-oriented reviews, many more short, one-paragraph-or-so graded reviews of most weekly shows that I watch, and stream-of-consciousness commentary such as this here entry that you’re (hopefully) reading right now.  And here’s where I promise to keep this blog 99 and 44/100 percent reality-show free — at least, as long as The Real World doesn’t pick another city that I’ve lived in or near, as with the San Diego and San Francisco casts.  I admit it, my prescription of reality shows is one Real World cast every three or four years, no more, no less.  That’s all I can stand before I remember that watching reality shows helps put my actor friends and other colleagues out of work. 

Reality-free, that’s me.

Coming up next:  I catch up on the last three or four days of shows, with bullet reviews of this week’s Prison Break, Bones, Blade and the season premiere of House.  Plus, I’ll review this week’s Eureka and try to figure out how to explain why it works at everything that Three Moons Over Stuckeyville Milford.  At least, if I threaten to write a longer review of Eureka, I might just have half a chance of getting one out there. 

Temporary Absence

August 28, 2006

Turns out I got prescribed waaaaay too strong a dose of the mood stabilizer for my bipolar, so I’ve been very drowsy the entire past week trying to fight it off.  I’m going to take it easy for a couple of days and will return with reviews of this week’s Prison Break and Bones and go more into detail about the Fun of Accidentally Overdosing on Your Own Prescription as soon as I stop falling asleep at the keyboard every two hours.

I Have an About page

August 26, 2006

Go over and click on the “about” link and see what happens.  Took me a while to figure out how to insert the picture into the entry.  The software is NOT intuitive when it comes to importing pictures.  I’ll add a more recent picture of me if I ever find one that I like.  Which, given my receding hairline, may take a while.

So How’m I Doin’ So Far?

August 26, 2006

So I was wondering how I’m doing so far?  What type of blog am I doing, as in are there categories based on type of content of blog entries, especially since I’m all over the place?  Am I posting too often, given how long my blog entries are?  Am I too unfocused, given that I also do personal stuff in my diary entrys, or is that okay and should I change the ratio of diary-type entries to Pop-Culture entries?

I expect to post a LOT more missives on TV once the new season starts up, but even then, I don’t necessarily want to downplay the more diary-esque entries, such as “Wednesdays Are For Adventure.”  So what I’d like to know is:  what can I do to make all of this that I want to write about more presentable to the public at large?  I mean, besides learn all the HTML and RSS stuff, which is going to take a lot longer to learn than I’d hoped.  Are my blog entries focussed enough as is, or is there something more that I need to work on?  How do I make this blog more marketable to the blogosphere at large while maintaining my own interests and idiosyncrasies?  If I build it, there’s of course no guarantee that they’ll come, so I want to work on making them want to come to me. 

Also, I might repost this post from time to time in a continuing effort to track my progress in satisfying you, the readers and my own creative impulses at the same time (Not always do-able, especially since I can be a cranky little bastard at times, but still . . .)  So feel free to give it to me straight up.

The New Dosage

August 25, 2006

Through collaboration with the doctors, we were able to halve my dosage of Geodon.  I’m wary of the placebo effect, but there were times during my overdose on the Geodon where I was lucid enough to know that I was in the place where the drug was working.  Similarly, but warily, I’m in a *much* better, non-Prozackywackyshinyhappypeople place with the halved dosage, but then again, I’m also still coming down from the non-life-threatening overdose of the med earlier in the week.

It’s interesting, playing this trial-and-error game and never being entirely sure of anything, but one thing that I do know is that I thought that medication would cut down on my writing, take away my interest and ability in my art like movies and TV always show happens to mentally ill artists who get drugged out.  Instead, I feel more unleashed, more honest, and more conversational.  Might be the placebo effect of the new dosage, might not.  OTOH, it might even be the fun of learning how to use this here blog — any way you cut it, being medicated is more than it’s cracked up to be for, well, at least me.

Side-note:  I’ll fully admit that this may be me identifying with Lorelai a bit too much, but anybody want to discuss a theory that Lorelai might have Type 2 Bipolar Disorder — yes, the one I have.  To recap:  Bipolar 2 symptoms are mixed — there’s no rollercoaster of mood swings except when you’d expect “normal” people to have them (birth, marriage, bat mitzvah, third viewing of Titanic).  Instead, those with Bipolar 2 have mixed symptoms.  Remember when Lorelai was repeating the mantra to herself “fight or flight fight or flight” when going to Luke to explain to him why they had to enforce Rory’s own self-imposed boundaries not to talk to her?  Well, IMO, in TYpe 2 Bipolar, it’s not fight OR flight — it’s fight AND flight.  Both are stuck on in equal measure, and so you’re in constant conflict with your own instincts, not knowing which of your internal critical voices to believe because they’re telling you diametrically opposite things.  I think Lorelai’s exactly like that, which explains her constant ADD-like fidgetyness and why she BOTH fought Luke and flew away from him in the final scene of Partings.  I’m not saying I’m right or anything, just opening this one up for discussion.  What y’all think?

A Netiquette Question

August 25, 2006

Okay, everyone on knows how long and involved my bullet-pointed critiques of the show can get.  So rather than reinvent the wheel each time, I was thinking that when the new episodes appear, I would post the review in the four main forum that I post to, this blog (of course), (a given), the E! Boards and GoldDerby.  I don’t mean it to be spam or astroturf and I would participate in the conversations that posting the same item in each forum would provoke, it just seems like reinventing the wheel for each forum would be insane, particularly since the fans in each forum don’t seem to overlap much (although the ones from here are coming mostly from E’s Row 1 Regulars).  I’d also add the URL for this here blog, but remain a poster in each of the forum.  Is this kosher?  Does it skirt around the rules of astroturf and spam by being posts that I’ll fully intend to (and likely will) participate in convesation in each place I post it?  Do I fully disclose that I post as a blog and anyone that wants to can also post here (even the same entry as elsewhere, as long as it’s intelligent, of course 😉  )   If it’s not a good thing, I’ll limit my gg reviews to just here and atgg,  but your input would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday Means Adventure

August 24, 2006

I live in Central Missouri right now (I’ll explain why eventually in another post).  I was in no condition to do the one-hour drive to Columbia to the only decent comic shop between Kansas City and St. Louis, Columbia’s Rock Bottom Comics, so my mom drove me there to get new comics (it also allowed her the chance to go hunting for turquoise jewelry ’cause she’s a freak for turquoise) and her Subaru Outback gets a flat tire waaaay out in the boonies.  In 90+ degree heat.

And I haven’t changed a tire in eight years.

But I do anyway.  I finally figured out how to use a jack and those pain in the ass short lug wrenches (I prefere the big T-wrenches because I’m small), but I figured out that you’re actually suppoosed to stomp on the small lug wrench to get it going.  I’m slow on the uptake that way, but I did it, got the tire off — it was exhausting, in 90-plus degree heat, but I did it.  And then we decided, heck with it, let’s go in and do what we were going to do anyway (me to go get new comics, she to go spend more of my inheritance on turquoise jewlery) and then get the tired fixed at the local Wal-Borg Continuum.  Worked out fine.  But still, I changed a tire.  In my strange state of mind.  And mind you, I weigh about 150 lbs, have about half the strength of Kirk from Gilmore Girls and no mechanical aptitude whatsoever.  But I changed a tire and felt like Luke for a day.

Things I Hate About Computers . . .

August 24, 2006

. . . modems that keep crapping out on me.

 Things I love about wordpress . . . I can access and edit and update from any computer whatsoever, which beats even my Usenet software.  So don’t fear, when I have to take Marvin into the shop for upgrades, there shouldn’t be an cessation of service.

OTOH, I’m still suffering from an overdose of Geodon — I’m now on the correct dosage, but it’s taking me time to calm down from the O.D.  Cottonmouth and lockjaw yesterday, cottonmouth and a totally stressed back today.  My brain should be functioning as close to its normally abnormal self in the next couple of days.  But that never stopped me from discussing Gilmore Girls before.  So think of this as, well, as Atrios would put it, “Yeah, yeah, another stupid thread” (to the tune of the Ramones.)