And Before Anybody Asks (Okay, Again) . . .

. . . I’ll be looking over all the comments that you guys have left and clean up whatever spam is still in the comments section over the next few days (especially if it snows on Wednesday like it’s supposed to).  Thanks for having enough faith in me and interest in what I have to say to keep leaving comments during, yep, that one-quarter of a year of blankness.


4 Responses to “And Before Anybody Asks (Okay, Again) . . .”

  1. Weertig Says:

    Rob, do you know Scott Cohen has been cast in the main male role in Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new pilot The Return of Jezebel James? It seems to be becoming another great series. I’m rooting for it too be picked up.

  2. John Says:


    With all the news/rumors about GG I am surprised your blog is silent.

  3. John Says:


    It is just about time for your quarterly post.

  4. Tery Says:

    How’s things?, on occasion I see a 404 server message when I arrive at this page. Just a heads up, cheers

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