Review: Lost 3.1 — “A Tale of Two Cities”

Vague-ish Recap:  Is almost beside the point.  It’s a remake of any random episode of The Prisoner.

Comments:  I liked Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet, but what the hell is going on?

Episode Grade:  a Fish.[1]

  — Rob

[1]  Yes, that goes back to the old joke, “How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  The answer:  a fish.”


2 Responses to “Review: Lost 3.1 — “A Tale of Two Cities””

  1. Diandra Says:

    You did not like the epi? I mean, the whole episode was a little bit tiring to be honest but the first five minutes or so, it was absolutelly great. Loved it. And Elizabeth Mitchell… she is frakkintastic…

  2. shutuprob Says:

    I liked it, I just think that the entire episode was so influenced by the surrealism of The Prisoner — alll three subplots of Jack, Kate and Sawyer — that in some ways it’s too cryptic to evaluate at the present. Jack’s subplot, in particular, also reminded me of Babylon 5’s “Intersections in Real Time,” which itself was something of an homage to The Prisoner, IIRC.

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