Review: Gilmore Girls 7.2 — “That’s What You Get, Folks, For Makin’ Whoopee”

Which is what I think Ms. Goldberg’s parents said.

Vague-ish Recap:  Is beside the point.


1)  If I were Chris, I’d have pressed charges for assault.  What Luke
did was totally in character and totally, at this point, unforgivable.
He needs to take an anger management class at the very least because,  well, I don’t think he should be around anyone, much less Lorelai, much less any kids he might have eventually with Lorelai, much less April with that temper.  I now fear for April.

2) Loved Rory taking on the parent role in the instant-classic
Asian-themed Scene.  Clearly, Lorelai did the whole shebang as her
attempt to wallow with Rory over Logan and it backfired into a classic
Gilmore Girls Role Reversal, with Rory playing the Mom scolding her
kid for, well, sleeping with Married!Dean or something.  Rory,
however, was perhaps a bit *too* angry, going into Emilyland in her
rant afterward.

2a) Loved Lorelai’s response, “I’m not perfect.”

2b) Loved the part of Rory’s hurt where she admitted that she was hurt because, “you didn’t tell me.”

3) *FINALLY,* the costuming is starting to show an uptick.  Loved both Lorelai’s sporty brown dress with her ever-present long-dangly
necklace and both Rory’s blue dress that she wore to her first visit
to Lane and her red shirt that she wore to her second visit to Lane.

4) Sometimes, it pays to know the Spoiler, as with Lane, I kept
saying, “Nine-Month Parasite!”

5) Loved the contrast in attitudes between Lorelai and Luke and the
situation:  Luke was constantly in denial saying, “I’m okay with it,
I’m okay with it until Liz laid it all out for him, shattering his
delusion by saying, you never really moved in, (shades of Nicole) and
you never told her about April (zing!  bullseye!).  Luke’s reaction is
to decide that he and Lor were never meant to be together — cynical,
fatalist.  Lorelai, by contrast, appears to admit to Sookie and then
to Rory that she indeed would have gone off and eloped with Luke had
she not boinked Christopher.  Which makes Rory’s laying into her about it right, if perhaps too much in a more than a little Emily-like way.  While I wish that Lorelai were stronger and had been sure that she would have stayed broken up with Luke whether she slept with Chris or not, this way, IMO, leaves the chance for reconciliation open.

6)  Calling them brats (as I’ve seen a mad fan or two call them) and then objecting to it misses the point:  they ARE brats.  Rory calls Lor on it and says, you don’t wallow by eating Chocolate Chip Daddy Dough, Liz says, you shut her out.  And Lorelai herself admits, “I’m not perfect.”  (Compare that with Lane’s desire to be perfect before she becomes a mother.)

Despite Lorelai’s clearly poor choice to use Chris as her wallow comfort food, it’s through Lorelai that This Relationship (with Luke) can be saved — ummm, *if* Luke can take some anger management classes and/or start seeing a shrink.  Right now, I don’t trust him around anyone.

7) I wonder if the shout-out to Sandra Oh is going to result in a
shout-out to Gg on Grey’s Anatomy.

Episode Grade:  A+

  — Rob

PS:  I’ll be doing some kind of essay/think piece on Gg this season sometime soon depending on what episode they’re on when I write it — in addition to my bullet reviews, which often neglect the quality of performances and quality of script *besides* the plot.

LORELAI: I am so done with plans. I am never, ever making one again.   It never works.  I spend the day obsessing over why it didn’t work and what I could’ve done differently.  I’m analyzing all my shortcomings when all I really need to be doing is vowing to never, ever make a plan ever again, which I’m doing now, having once again been the innocent victim of my own stupid plans.  God, I need some coffee.


3 Responses to “Review: Gilmore Girls 7.2 — “That’s What You Get, Folks, For Makin’ Whoopee””

  1. John Says:

    1) I agree Chris should file charges. On the other hand I don’t see Luke being a danger to April.

    2) I liked the Rory reaction to Lor sleeping with Chris. I don’t think she went too far. It was a major screw up that and beides being wrong (in many ways) it directly and negastively impacts Rory.

    3 & 4 – No comments.

    5) I agree with this analysis.

    I didn’t care for the heavy handed Rory line to Lane about “even mothers make mistakes”. Who could she be referring to?

  2. Cheryl Says:


    Just wanted to say that I’ve been reading your GG comments since the WWK boards, and I’m so glad that you have a blog now!

    I too loved last night’s ep. And it’s refreshing to read a good review of it, in contrast to some of the negativity being discussed regarding the producers changing. I think the new team is doing just fine. The show seems fresher than it’s been in years and these first two episodes have been great.

    Also wanted to point out that I loved how both girls used a “Gweneth Paltrow’s not perfect” analogy.

    Keep the reviews coming!!

  3. Grace Says:

    1) Wondering if you still feel the same now re: Luke is a danger, Chris should press charges. Yes, as mentioned in “Merry Fisticuffs”, Luke *does* need anger management (and has probably needed it all along, considering he is a pusher-into-lake of snotty teenaged nephews), but if your fiance’s ex had come along and seduced her (which is absolutely what happened on Chris’s end; ignoring the L/L breakdown, it was Chris’s stated intent since season 5 to break up L/L so he could bang Lorelai and pretend he’s still a teenager and that Rory never came along and harshed his buzz, man), wouldn’t you punch him? Hell, if I was Sookie I’d kick his ass way worse than Luke did, b/c the bastich took advantage of Lorelai in the worst way — and parlayed it into the most ill-conceived marriage of all time. Luke was 100% poorly written and out-of-character throughout season 6 and is only just now beginning to return to, well, the way he was for the 1st 5 seasons. Just b/c ASP and DP did a crappy job of writing Luke last season doesn’t mean that Luke is a baddie and Chris is a hero (you know, despite Chris’s incredible crappiness for the 1st 6 seasons which DR seems to have forgotten, and his absentee-dad-ism and repeated betrayal of Rory for the 1st 20+ years of her life, which Lorelai has inexplicably forgotten).

    5) Somewhat agree with your analysis of Luke, completely disagree with your analysis of Lorelai. Lorelai didn’t say she would’ve eloped with Luke if she hadn’t done the squicky with Loathesome; she specifically stated that she didn’t want to be married to someone who didn’t want to be married to her. ???!?!? A-whaaa? If that’s not denial I don’t know what is. Lorelai’s view of the relationship appears to be that she did nothing to contribute to its downfall and that Luke never loved her; I am the rare fan who saw Lorelai as at least as guilty as Luke of the L/L downfall during season 6. Rather than discuss with Luke her upset re: the April sitch and concerns re: the wedding date postponement, she uncharacteristically kept her mouth shut around Luke and then cried her eyes out to everyone else. Supposedly so heartbroken over the wedding-date postponement that she cried her way through an ungodly number of episodes, she never once even tried to discuss making concrete plans about the postponed wedding with Luke, despite his repeated assurances that they *would* be getting married, then suddenly dropped an ultimatum (one which he could not possibly have expected or understood, given *her* repeated assurances that everything was A-OK). Re-watch season 6 and you’ll see that there was more than one factor at play and more than one “villian” in the relationship (and more than one character inexplicably written out-of-character).

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m so sick of reading GG fans’ one-sided reactions to the L/L breakup. I hated Luke’s actions last season, but I hated Lorelai’s even more b/c she was nothing like the strong, opinionated woman I’d known and loved for the previous 5 seasons. I can only hope that someday the “old” Lorelai will return.

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