Review: Without a Trace 5.1 — “Stolen”

Vague-ish Recap:  It’s the Steven Stayner kidnapping story from two decades ago.

Comments:  I started watching the show this summer, preparing myself for when there was nothing on NBC but football.  I’m liking what I see, but there are too many main cast members.  Poppy Montgomery is the best actor on the show as the whimsically named Sam Spade, but at times co-stars Enrique Murciano and Eric Close seem superfluous, specifically to make room for the unnecessary Roselyn Sanchez.  What I like about the show is that it’s an antidote to the all-Death all-the-time procedurals, with most cases here ending up with the victim being found alive.  It’s a wistful, hopeful show.  But Poppy needs to stay away from the Fake Tanning booths as her tan this episode looked bad.

Episode Grade:  B.


3 Responses to “Review: Without a Trace 5.1 — “Stolen””

  1. BloodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    I thought that the episode brought to the table the truth that evil like that IS out there. It is a sad truth, but truth nonetheless.

  2. shutuprob Says:

    Well, yeah, sis, every episode of every police procedural pretty much says that. But also, you gotta look at where the main mystery is “ripped from the headlines” — and this one was taken from the old Steven/Stephen Stayner case from the 70’s. When you look at it as commentary on or a riff on whatever true case it’s ripped from, that’s where the real meat of the story is beyond the trite “evil like that IS out there.” Like looking at how the Stayner character (the one who escaped) coped with the trauma while helping the investigators find the bad guys. At that point is where you find what Without a Trace is really about IMO, which is the point of view of the victims, many of whom, unlike on the CSIs and L&Os, survive and give us hope that such evil won’t actually kill us at the drop of a hat.

  3. BloodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    I didn’t really see the Stephen Stayner connection during the show, but I can see it now. The truth that I saw more of was the fact that of the sexual predators being out there on the net. I think that the episoded helped to remind people that sort of thing IS out there, and to keep watch of what your children are doing on the net (and yes I do keep watch of what the monsters are doing on the net, even if they are 16 and 18!!!).

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