Review: Law & Order 17.1 — “Fame” (aka “Popo Zao Gets His Revenge”)

Vague-ish Recap:  Basically, K-Fed Marty from Gilmore Girlskills an off-duty cop while scoring some dope.  (They say you are what you put up your wife’s nose.)  It’s also Detective Nina Cassidy’s first day on the job as Green’s junior partner (Fontana has retired) and nobody trusts her judgment because she got her Detective’s shield by foiling a high-profile beauty shop robbery rather than pay her dues for umpty-zillion years.  Oh, and McCoy has a new ADA, Eric Delko’s sister Mare-ee-sole, who apparently lost a lot of hair when Riaz shot her on CSI: Horatio!

Comments:  Forget the cases.  They’re pretty much solid comfort food at this stage.  Martin and Govich’s chemistry is fantastic and Alana de la Garza Delko Caine makes a good ADA so far.  Nina’s greenhorn status creates great friction and story/character opportunities (and it helps that she’s nice to look at).  Now all they gotta do is get rid of the tired Waterston and it’s a rejuvenated show again.  It’s gone from being one of the worst police procedurals to one of the best just through the cast turmoil. 

Episode Grade:  A-


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