Review: The Office 3.1 — “Gay Witch Hunt”

Vague-ish Recap:  After being rebuffed by Pam, Jim transfers to Dunder-Mifflin’s Stamford branch (which should have been destroyed at the start of Marvel’s Civil War, But I Digress).  Michael inadvertantly outs Oscar and then, when confronted with the insensitivity of it by Toby, the human rescources guy, he outs Oscar some more

Comments:  Got to hand it to them, they spilt audience expectations about Jim and Pam halfway down the middle.  Perfect.  Loved that Pam called off the wedding so close to the wedding date that they still had catering to eat three months later.  Jim clearly doesn’t know that they didn’t get married.

Meredith licking the hand lotion was hee-larious.  Why?  Because they’re isopropyl alcohol based and Meredith is a noted alcoholic.

Highlight line:

Michael (through blinds in his office):  Can you imagine Angela with another woman?”

Dwight: (wicked smile) 

Bottom line:  The episode was made by the ensemble’s continuing skewed take on the mundane.  Everybody had a moment.

Episode Grade:  A-.

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