Review: My Name Is Earl 2.1 — “Very Bad Things”

Vague-ish Recap:  Earl decides to cross #183 off his list, which is to back up his ex-wife, Joy, no matter what.  Even when she doesn’t deserve it.  Even when doing so could be a criminal act.

Comments:  My Name Is Earl is basically a series of Shaggy Dog stories based around the concept of Karma coming back to bite you on the ass.  You’d think that that’d have a short shelf-life, but it doesn’t, due primarily to the demented writing team and the consistently oddball acting of leads Jason Lee, Jaime Pressley and, especially, Ethan Suplee.  Much missed this episode was the fourth member of their gang, Catalina (Nadine Velasquez).  Highlights include — it’s finally broadcast in widescreen!  Also, Randy (Suplee) has a very funny scene in which he sucks air from a balloon, proceeds to sing, “We Represent the Lollipop Guild” from The Wizard of Oz and is then reminded by Darnell the Crabman that there is no helium in the balloons.

Episode Grade:  B+

Special Note:  Be on the lookout for the special “Good Karma Deluxe DVD Set” of season 1, available only at Best Buy.  The initial shipment includes a version of the set clad in a flannel-shirt-esque cover and a bonus CD that includes 3 songs from the show’s soundtrack.

One Response to “Review: My Name Is Earl 2.1 — “Very Bad Things””

  1. grootfontein Says:

    I don’t know at all those redneck people in US, but what I can say is I LOVE this TV show !!!
    And the list-concept is a really good idea…

    Since I’m an illustrator, I tried to draw those fabulous characters…
    So, please take a look at my tribute to My name is Earl TV show :

    Thanx !

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