The First Lesson of Blogging: Write, Dammit!

(or “Blogging Sure Am Easy,” say Bizarro Rob.)

The First Lesson You Really Learn About Blogging is that you basically have no choice but to disappear for two weeks every time you get sick.  The last four or five days, I’ve been able to post more and more to atgg because newsgroup writing is pretty much reactive writing — but blogging is so much more active and so much more “Oh, I have to find my own excuse to write something now?!  That takes a totally different part of that side of the brain!”  The one that’s saying, “No, that sinus infection is making it sooooo hard to concentrate because all I can feel is the sloshing around of infected fluid in my inner ear and the more I think about that the more grossed out I get and the more grossed out I get, the less I can write for myself on this blog again” and suddenly, I’m in, well, a far less goth version of a downward spiral.  (Here’s where somebody tells me to RTFF about how to use WordPress.  Thanks, but I’m a kinaesthetic learner, not a visual learner.  Which is odd, considering that I’m a compulsive writer and comic book collector.  But not so odd if you consider that I like the tacticle sensation of both typing and holding a book, comic book, DVD or magazine in my hand.)

Oh, it’s nice to dream of being TV blogging’s equivalent of John Amato at and be able to bring in guest bloggers whenever you can’t blog, but hey, he’s actually (apparently) making a living at it while I don’t even know how to set up the frickin’ click-throughs to amazon yet.  (Oh, gee, probably means I need to finally set up that PayPal account I’ve always been threatening to get myself.)  But nooooooooOOOOOooooo, I’m not bitter.  I’m not jealous, I’m just settin’ my goal.

Oh well, at least I get to use the standard excuse of “This is just the beta version of my blog, the REAL version doesn’t go up until I know what the hell I’m doing.”  Pleading the truth normally works, don’t it?

Meanwhile, I get to reiterate (or even voice for the first time) my intentions about this blog, to post my 10-or-more-bulleted-point reviews of each new episode of Gilmore Girls every Wednesday or Thursday after a new episode, that I can’t possibly go into that level of anaylsis for every show I watch every week because it just isn’t humanly possible to write that much on a daily basis — the Gg reviews alone run 2-3 pages, so it would be something like 50 pages a day to give even just the shows I watch (and there are a few that I don’t) the same treatment that I give Gg.  And while I would like to give several other shows besides Gg that sort of treatment, my Gg reviews usually take 2-3 hours to write, even with 8 pages of notes in hand to decipher, so physically, I’d only be able to do, at most one show per day in that sort of depth and, well, like, I’d like to write about other things, too — like, how Katie Couric should never, ever wear a white blazer with a (real or) fake tan ever again.

You know, the other important stuff about TV.  If I couldn’t write about that, blogging would be no fun at all ’cause writing reviews would become a chore.

So here’s where I play the “I agree with you, I am clearly making this up as I go along” Card and promise to do some sort of mix of long reviews, primarily Gilmore-oriented reviews, many more short, one-paragraph-or-so graded reviews of most weekly shows that I watch, and stream-of-consciousness commentary such as this here entry that you’re (hopefully) reading right now.  And here’s where I promise to keep this blog 99 and 44/100 percent reality-show free — at least, as long as The Real World doesn’t pick another city that I’ve lived in or near, as with the San Diego and San Francisco casts.  I admit it, my prescription of reality shows is one Real World cast every three or four years, no more, no less.  That’s all I can stand before I remember that watching reality shows helps put my actor friends and other colleagues out of work. 

Reality-free, that’s me.

Coming up next:  I catch up on the last three or four days of shows, with bullet reviews of this week’s Prison Break, Bones, Blade and the season premiere of House.  Plus, I’ll review this week’s Eureka and try to figure out how to explain why it works at everything that Three Moons Over Stuckeyville Milford.  At least, if I threaten to write a longer review of Eureka, I might just have half a chance of getting one out there. 

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