The Secret to Alka-Seltzer is . . .

. . . use less water.  I’ve often made the mistake of filling an 8-oz glass full of water and then plopping Alka-Seltzer Cold-Plus into it, thus making me pee a lot more often.  But the reality is, less water — about a third of a glass — will make the Alka-Seltzer more concentrated and it’ll hit you a lot faster and a lot better than if you fill any old glass to the top and then add the tablets.

Yep, I warned y’all I had a sinus infection.  This is what happens.  You get directions on how to use Alka-Seltzer.

NOTE:  Some of my comments sections I feel turn into columns in themselves.  I’ll try to retroactively recategorize the initial post in any given thread by the gist of the comments if/when things go in a specific direction, as they did here with discussion of Lauren Graham and her newly announced guest-stint on Studio 60. 

4 Responses to “The Secret to Alka-Seltzer is . . .”

  1. Lois Says:

    I’m sorry, but the secret I really wanna know is the one about this upcoming weekend…
    You shouldn’t tease about these things… :-p

  2. shutuprob Says:

    What secret about this weekend? I don’t remember anything. My mind’s all mush. (Uh, my contact was on crack. And I’m only saying that to tease her because I know that she reads this blog already. 😉 ) Sorry to say, no secret marriages or anything, but rumor is, you should change your name to Lois Graham Sutcliffe. (Oh, did I type that out loud?)

  3. Lois Says:

    OH. MY. GOD.!!!
    Well, I guess is the next best thing.
    Thanks Rob. 🙂

  4. shutuprob Says:

    No, actually, by now, you should have found out that the big news is that Lauren is going to be taking on a 2-episode guest-stint on her lobster Matthew Perry’s new show with Aaron Sorkin, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. According to The Auseillo Report at she’ll be playing herself hosting the SNL-esque show-within-the-show, thus giving substantial commentary to something that a lot of us Gg fans have argued over the past six years. Namely, that she’d make a *great* guest-host for SNL if SNL wasn’t only interested in catching all those names that are the equivalent of sinus infections to me (see later posts).

    Now, my guess at this juncture is that the guest shot isn’t going to be that hard to pull off, seeing as how Studio 60, a Warnes show, likely films a block and a half away on the Warners’ lot from Stars Hollow and the sketch-show-within-a-show format lends itself to the guest star of the week reading mostly off scripts as they’re prepping for their skits for the week. Unless Sorkin writes a substantial subplot for her, having her make a major play for Perry’s character, I don’t see her having to take much (if any) time off from Gg to do the Studio 60 stuff, gloriefied cameo that it sounds to me like it is.

    OTOH, congratulations, too, to Warners and the CW for keeping Lauren happy by facilitating her doing more movie roles and TV guest star shots like these. Sure, more of these things might make her even itchier to leave Gg at the end of s7, when contract negotiations are up, but OTOH, considering her age and the brilliance of the part of Lorelai, I would think that the suits letting her do more of what she wants to do outside of the show will satisfy her appetite rather than whet it, resulting in, IMO, the impending (and much-needed by the CW) Gg s8.

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