Okay, That’s Enough of the Lollygagging About

Yes, I’m back.  I’m still not 100% — if I go too much into the fact that I’ve pretty much discovered that my definitely-existent Geodone OD morphed into a sinus infection around Monday or so, you’d think I was Astro City creator and current Superman writer Kurt Busiek.  So instead of delaying new blog posts any longer, I’m just gonna start posting again and see what happens.  In that respect, I’m kinda happy that the Geodone OD turned into the sinus infection because it means that I can’t take any long car trips right now or the changes in pressure will give me screaming headaches, so there’s an upside to everything.  It also means that if I produce any particularly weird blog entries they will entertain me tremendously.

Coming up, I’ll be taking a look at the season premiere of Bones (hint: I enjoyed it.  And the New Gal.  A lot.), a second look at Three Moons Over Milford, a look at the just-completed third of The 4400 (or is that The 22,000?) and a review of the second episode of Prison Break, which, heh, I can’t watch until I tape the repeat on Friday night because I mistakenly taped a repeat of How I Met Your Mother in half of its place on Monday nights because it has a higher rank on my DVR’s priority list than Prison Break does.  [snark] Kudos to Fox for making this possible by having no attention span for programming any regular series on Friday nights. [/snark]

5 Responses to “Okay, That’s Enough of the Lollygagging About”

  1. John Says:

    I enjoyed Bones, but not the new Doc.

    I also liked “Justice”, which was on after Bones.

  2. Andie Says:

    Hey Rob! This is andrea1975 from the E! boards. I’m curious to hear what you have to say about the 4400. I posted my own review today, too, and I know you were an Isabelle fan, so I’ll post a link to it on 4400fans.com when you’re done. Feel better!

  3. GLoSGLoW Says:

    Rob E. Boy… why don’t you have a TiVo? They record all these shows and you can watch them at your own leisure.

    I don’t care for the new doc on Bones.

  4. shutuprob Says:

    I do have a DVR — my computer is a Media Center PC and I download my schedule at my leisure from zap2it. The problem is, I have HIMYM higher on my priority level than Prison Break (because I *do* like it better) and I missed last season’s finale of HIMYM, so I’m trying to catch it this time around. Thanks to the wonders of TiVO and legal digital recording technology in general, I *still* managed to miss taping Prison Break until tonight. And even *then,* I still can’t watch it tonight ’cause I’m recovering from a severe sinus infection. (Antibiotics, steriod nasal shpray, the whole shebang.)

    What a time to decide to start a blog — think these things are all happening to me right away on purpose? “If I can/Make It Now/I Can Make It/Anyhow/It’s up to you/To Blog, Shut-Up Robbbbbbbb!” to misquote a song that will now make me the enemy of a bunch of polite and nicely-dressed people of Irish and Italian descent.

    Yep, not even recovered from the overprescription of my mood stabilizer and I can’t even drive without the change in air pressure giving me a splitting headache. Fooey. OTOH, I *did* get that review of The 4400 done even though I kinda think it coulda been better, but if ya think about it — if I can do a review that decent under the influence of a severe sinus infection, I’m, like, totally setting up an unreasonably high standard for myself to meet once I’m physically healthy again.

  5. shutuprob Says:

    Ugh. I should have gotten my tenses correct. Those parody lyrics that should get me in trouble with polite and nicely-dressed people of Irish and Italian descent should really go like this:

    “If I can/Make It Now/I can make it/Anyhow/It’s up to me/To Blog, ShutUpRobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!”

    See. Sinus infection. You don’t see the *real* funny ’til the second time around. Sigh.

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