Celebrities I Don’ Wanna Hear About No More

French Capital Hotel (duh!) . . . Eva Longoria . . . Anyone with fake breasts (this means you, Pamela Anderson Whatever and Carmen Electra, among others) . . . anyone who’s ever been on any reality show other than The Real World . . . That Federline Doofus . . . That DJ AM doofus . . . I’d say Lindsay Lohan, but I’m into authentic redheads and/or other wacky Irish chicks (it’s the freckles, man!) and just wish she’d eat more . . . T0m Cru1se (c’mon, he’s not gonna renounce that cult anytime soon) . . . Mel Gibson (I vote him to be latest cast member killed off the island on “Lost.”  Because that’s what happens to actors who drive drunk on that show.) . . . Whitney Houston (note to Joel McHale:  the crack whore jokes aren’t funny anymore no matter how true they are.) . . . Billy Bush . . . I know this list should be longer, but it’s the sinus infection, man!  C’mon, I need help.  (Do NOT add the name of any cast member of Gilmore Girls or I will have to hurt you.) . . . Jessica Simpson . . . Ashlee Simpson . . . OJ Simpson (That’s the name of their dad, right?) . . . Nick Lachey . . . Drew Lachey . . . Lance Bass . . . Anyone who’s ever been on American Idol but Kelly Clarkson . . . Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their kids . . . Jennifer Aniston [Jimmy Kimmel] unless she poses for Playboy and I finally get to see her nipples [/Jimmy Kimmel] . . . Vince Vaughn . . . Anyone whose video has been played in slow motion on Entertainment Tonight or The Insider in the past six months . . . Star Jones . . . just please, make it all stop.  It hurts just like my sinus infection to hear about them.  So who’s your celebrity sinus infection?

One Response to “Celebrities I Don’ Wanna Hear About No More”

  1. Alicia Jo Says:

    You have it pretty well cover. Lindsay Hohan really needs to be on the list though.

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