Temporary Absence

Turns out I got prescribed waaaaay too strong a dose of the mood stabilizer for my bipolar, so I’ve been very drowsy the entire past week trying to fight it off.  I’m going to take it easy for a couple of days and will return with reviews of this week’s Prison Break and Bones and go more into detail about the Fun of Accidentally Overdosing on Your Own Prescription as soon as I stop falling asleep at the keyboard every two hours.


6 Responses to “Temporary Absence”

  1. John Says:


    Take it easy and get back in fighting shape.

    Hope your good soon.

  2. shutuprob Says:

    Thanks. I think this absence won’t preclude me from continuing to post comments to what I’ve already written — and I think I’ll be out of whatever non-zippy phase I’m in in the next day or so. I just took two naps, the first a half-hour and the second a full-hour and had the most vivid dreams while doing so. Thing is, I never dreamed when I was being untreated because my mind races too much. BUT, I did what comic book artist Rick Veitch (Rare-Bit Fiends, Swamp Thing) often does and immediately put the dreams down on paper before I fully awakened and had lost them. They’re both *very* strange, as dreams always are. I’d love for Rick Veitch to illustrate them — they’re THAT weird. So I’ll make ’em both full blog entries when I’m fully back tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks for your support, John, it’s helping me a *lot.*

  3. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    Hope you get those meds worked out Rob. Also wanted to state that if I don’t post much right now, you know the reason why. Dealing with Eric and the new bout that we are going through, that definately takes precedence over getting the blog checked out! In fact, right now, I am off to take my showa and get ready for work! Keep em interesting, and I will see ya soon!!!! XXXXXX

  4. John Says:

    I don’t follow comics, but the comic book artist has an unusual last name and it is the same as Kristin’s (of Watch with… fame).

    I wonder if they are related?

  5. GLoSGLoW Says:

    Poor Rob E. Boy. Falling asleep as you AIM me. I hope they balance out soon.

    Say “Hi” to your mom for me.


  6. shutuprob Says:

    Thanks to everyone who’s written so far! I’m starting to feel better. I’m very annoyed that my newsgroup posting has gone down by at least half and this blog ground to almost a screeching halt mere moments after I started it. I’m starting to come out of the haze, but the biggest problem is that my sleep pattern is totally disrupted — I go to sleep, wake up an hour later, can’t go to sleep for another half-hour so I’ll do something like update alt.tv.gilmore-girls’s FAQ (ahead of time, this time, even, which was a backhanded bonus), then when I do, I sleep for only an hour. I get about five to six hours of nonconsecutive sleep a night, so my concentration has been shot. Today’s been my best day in two weeks, so we’ll see how tonight’s sleep turns out — if I get longer runs of sleep, you’ll probably see a return to posting either tomorrow or Thursday.


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