Do You REALLY Wanna Know My Opinion of Three Moons Over Milford?

It shamelessly steals from Gilmore Girls — I mean, the main character is a rich, hot MILF named Laura, for crying out loud.  Small, wacky New England Town with odd town meetings.  Teenage daughter who’s too nice to be into the stuff that she’s strangely drawn to.  Then it steals from Joey’s Creek by having Lorelai’s Laura’s son, the show’s Pacey, sleep with an older woman.  Then it steals from Ed by having the Lauralai’s main love interest be a scrappy, goofy lawyer with mother issues of his own.  I swear, if I start hearing Sam Phillips’ La-la’s *I’m* gonna sue the show.

I could say more about how I find all the shameless theft from other, greater shows, is annoying me, but I won’t.  What I’ll be looking for is signs of it breaking away from its very obviously stolen source material influences.

One Response to “Do You REALLY Wanna Know My Opinion of Three Moons Over Milford?”

  1. Joe Says:

    I like 3 moons alot. Its an obvious knock off, but has a LOT of promise to keep me watching. The premise of the effect/blame of the 3 moons on peoples actions are funny. Like the guy who offered a million dollars for a night of bliss. Was it the moons or was he another whacko from Milford (like the Stars Hollow whackos). I hope they also continue how the town is reacting to the romantic aspect of the moons.

    Even the idea of having x number of years to live (before the moons fall) can have an interesting story thread. But I hope they keep it funny.

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