Y’know, if there was a bit more functionality to this place . . .

2911.jpg. . . I’d add this picture of Lauren (from an issue of Hollywood Life from a couple of years ago) to my logo at the top of every page.  IMO, it’s the single funniest, sexiest picture of Graham ever published and IMO, it doesn’t just represent my luurrrrrve of All Things Graham, it so exemplifies the sense of humor that I want the blog to have I’d pay money for an autographed version of it, just like thousands of others would. But I’ve been to the original photographer’s website and he doesn’t seem to be interested in selling any of his work.  IMO, the pic should be her head shot.

PS:  ABC is counterprogramming the Emmys’ stupidity with a showing of Pirates of the Carribean.  I suggest we bloggers and posters similarly show our disgust with the Emmys by blogging about Lauren all day.  Who’s with me?

3 Responses to “Y’know, if there was a bit more functionality to this place . . .”

  1. John Says:

    I can’t blog all day, but I will not be watching the Emmy’s either.

    There have always been people/shows nominated or ignored that I couldn’t understand, but that was irritating, but not fatal to my interest.

    It was the nomination of Ellen Bursten that was the breaking point. She is a fine actress, but her nomination proves that many of the inanities are not due to different tastes, but total ignorance.

    There is no point in watching the show.

  2. shutuprob Says:

    I agree that Burstyn was a breaking point. The fourteen second thing was, well, technically allowable, but patently ridiculous. But that wasn’t the only breaking point — there were so many of them — Graham not being nominated, Cross and Hatcher not being nominated (Huffman fans, you’re out of luck, she was awful this year), Kevin James and Charlie Sheen nominated, Hugh Laurie not nominated while his badly-scripted show was, no nomination for James Gandolfini, no nomination for Mary Louise-Parker, four of the five Lead Actresses nominated not even deserving to be in the category because, frankly, their performances got their shows cancelled. William Shatner nominated yet again for hamming it up rather than playing a real character. The Emmys are simply in no way credible this year because so many of the nominations are lacking in merit and so many of the actors who turned in performances of merit were snubbed.

  3. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    LOL guess I don’t follow enough to comment! LOL But I must say, the tirbute to Aaron Spelling was well done. That man had done a lot for the industry, IMO! May He Rest in Peace.

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