The Emmys Were Worse Than I Feared, part 2 and a Half Men

Before I start thinking about my next screed on the sheer awfulness of this year’s Emmy’s I just gotta point out two instances of its idiocy:

The Office winning Comedy Series but losing Comedy Actor to Tony Shalhoub, who hasn’t displayed an honest emotion since the show fired Bitty Shramm.

24 and Kiefer winning Drama Series and actor, but losing supporting actor and actress to actors (Alda and Danner) who, unlike the deserving Itzin and Smart, failed to transcend their stories.  Alda and Danner’s inexplicable wins smack of reverse-ageism, IMO.

Still coming:  Part 3, where Rob loses it, but I’ve decided to go to sleep early tonight so that my subconscious can sharpen the knives more efficiently.

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