Review: Prison Break Season Premiere 8-21-06

I’ll try to have the episode titles in the headers for each show that I review, but this time it escapes me (mostly because it’s late at night).

John Billingsley’s loss as the President’s brother is the show’s gain.  I loved Billingsley as Dr. Phlox, but he seemed rather heavy handed in the first season.  His replacement in the role, Jeff Perry, is one of the few times where recasting a role in a primetime show works.  Perry brings much more range to the character, making the death of Veronica all the more tragic.

And speaking of the death of Veronica — Sorry, but I ain’t gonna do spoiler warnings.  You read at your own risk.  I’ll miss Veronica because I still have warm fuzzy hormones feelings for her from The Craft, but still, her demise showed how being out on a limb by yourself in the most deadly situation can get you killed and suggests that the Prison Breakers’ best chance to stay alive, clear Linc and get D.B. Cooper’s Westmoreland’s stash of money in Utah is to stick together.  The death of Veronica, one of the lead characters of the series in the season premiere also quite neatly shows us that no one is safe in this story, anyone, even Linc or Michael, could die at any time.  Brilliant, brilliant move to kill off one of my favorite characters on the series in such a great way.

Also, I’m glad that Dr. Sara survived her heroin overdose in last season’s finale.  Between her sadness and instability, Michael’s intense inscruitability and Horatio’s Linc’s newfound moral steadfastness, I think what we’ve got here is a remake of Hamlet by the way of The Great Escape.

Grade:  A+

This review was edited and slightly expanded since I first posted it.

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