So How’m I Doin’ So Far?

So I was wondering how I’m doing so far?  What type of blog am I doing, as in are there categories based on type of content of blog entries, especially since I’m all over the place?  Am I posting too often, given how long my blog entries are?  Am I too unfocused, given that I also do personal stuff in my diary entrys, or is that okay and should I change the ratio of diary-type entries to Pop-Culture entries?

I expect to post a LOT more missives on TV once the new season starts up, but even then, I don’t necessarily want to downplay the more diary-esque entries, such as “Wednesdays Are For Adventure.”  So what I’d like to know is:  what can I do to make all of this that I want to write about more presentable to the public at large?  I mean, besides learn all the HTML and RSS stuff, which is going to take a lot longer to learn than I’d hoped.  Are my blog entries focussed enough as is, or is there something more that I need to work on?  How do I make this blog more marketable to the blogosphere at large while maintaining my own interests and idiosyncrasies?  If I build it, there’s of course no guarantee that they’ll come, so I want to work on making them want to come to me. 

Also, I might repost this post from time to time in a continuing effort to track my progress in satisfying you, the readers and my own creative impulses at the same time (Not always do-able, especially since I can be a cranky little bastard at times, but still . . .)  So feel free to give it to me straight up.

9 Responses to “So How’m I Doin’ So Far?”

  1. Steven Litvintchouk Says:

    This is a test message to see if I can post to your blog from my FireFox 1.5 browser. PLEASE IGNORE.

  2. shutuprob Says:

    Steven, *I* can see your test from my browser, so if you can see it, I’ll delete both of our messages as soon as I take the time to figure out how to do so. 😉 Thanks for showing interest in my blog, too!

  3. Alicia Jo Says:

    Good job Rob, I promise I’ll keep up better with it in the future.

    Tell everyone in Row one that I miss them and will see them when I can.

  4. shutuprob Says:

    Will do. IM me with what’s up so that I can build up a convenient lie about you and angelgirlla, fur handcuffs and a box of Wheaties.

  5. Greg Says:

    You’re not going to get much advice on the content of your blog, because it’s *your* blog. That’s the point. You quite neatly summarize the problem with the blogosphere today: you’re shaping the content to garner an audience; you expect to be read.

    Such is not the original – or, I believe, the intended – purpose of blogging. Feel free to put what the heck you like in your blog, and if you attract a readership in so doing, then cool. Until such time, you really oughtn’t to give a damn what other people want to read. If they’re looking for something specific, they’ll go find a magazine.

  6. shutuprob Says:

    Well, Greg, of *course* I want to be read — I wouldn’t be blogging if I didn’t. But make no mistake I’m not going to compromise the *content* itself just to get an audience — I just want to know how readable it is, if I make my points, if something worked or didn’t work. See, one of my frustrations is I feel like I could say some (okay, a LOT) of what I write in fewer words or more efficient words. I’d love to have that type of input — not the type of input that says that you must run in lockstep with the zeitgeist. ‘Cause, y’know, that way leads to paying waaaaaay too fucking much (read: any) attention to French Capital Hotel.

    Also, I gotta confess to an ulterior motive — if I ever develop my voice to my satisfaction, I would *like* to be picked up by one of those magazines. Still doesn’t mean that I won’t talk about changing a spare tire on Wednesday afternoon or about why I liked the Tarzhay-exclusive bonus disc on the Ultimate Avengers 2 DVD. Both kinds of topics and everything in between will always exist in my writing [Beatles] here, there and everywhere [/Beatles] no matter how much an Anna Wintour might want to make me her bitch.


  7. Benjamin Pratt Says:

    Thanks, Rob.

  8. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    Don’t change the style of your writing to suit others. As Greg says, it is YOUR blog! You are a colorful and interesting person. I think you are doing quite well in articulating what you want said. Don’t change your style to suit others. Let them read your style, and if they don’t like it, they can go read someone else’s thread.

    In response to your email to me, and so others know….. BloodySpunkyScarlett is my screen name, BUT I answer to Red, Spunky, Scarlett, Bloody. You don’t have to type my full screen name when directing comments to me. Just choose one that you wanna call me, and I will answer to it! As time goes, there will be more than just Rob that will call me by my first name, I am sure!

    Keep up the awesome work Bro, and see ya Thursday!!! XXXXXXXX

  9. shutuprob Says:

    Okay, okay! I think I get what you’re all saying: without getting all Sally Field over it, you really, really think I’m a good writer, even technically (which is where I’m most concerned.)

    So I’ll leave it alone for a while and maybe bring it back up it a couple of months as the metaphorical thermometer I want it to be.

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