Fall 2006: My Tentative Viewing Schedule, Part 2: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

8:00pm Gilmore Girls (The CW)

8:00pm NCIS (CBS)

8:00pm House (FOX), then Standoff, should the latter show last that long

First, ain’t no way I’m not watching Gilmore Girls at time of broadcast.  Which means the cutest, warmest, most accessible Goth Chick in existence, Pauley Perette, gets taped to watch at around 11pm or so on NCIS.

Fox has made the schedule waaaaay more complicated than it has to be by putting House on at 8pm.  We know the format — it’s CSI: Doctor With Bad Attitude.  Jennifer Morrison makes a more convincing love interest for an introverted geek than Jorja Fox does.  But still, the story serves up NOTHING original.  So I’ll be watching these 8pm episodes a week or two later on USA channel Sunday late night.  Hope they go back to 9pm sooner rather than later, which would make me start watching the Mike Logan episodes of CI on USA’s late Sunday nights.

9:00pm — Veronica Mars (The CW)

9:00pm — Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Mike Logan Episodes only, NBC)

Despite UPN’s botching of the summer repeat schedule of Veronica Mars last year, I managed to become a fan of the show anyway due to three factors: 1) I went to Hearst College San Diego State University for my theater degree (stage management and dramaturgy/script analysis), 2) being a transplanted San Diegan, I went to their panel at Comic-Con in 2005 and fell in love with the cast and 3) I watched the s1 DVD in order, which resulted in my Media Center DVR piling up s2 episodes until I could get through s1.  I love the show — it’s Buffy minus all the supernatural stuff.  And with much more interest in the Joyce (Keith) as a character.  And me loves the Colantino.  So, screw you UPN, I hope none of your marketing and scheduling execs below Ostroff made it over the transom of the merger transition to the new network.  You made it more difficult for me to fall in love with this show than it had to be, but kudos to Warner Brothers for putting the DVDs in widescreen.  The problems I had with amateurish cinematography were just bad old pan-and-scan, as usual.

Pure and simple, I hate Vincent D’Onofrio’s overdone Goren.  He doesn’t work as a character.  I can see every single tick of his coming from a mile away and it’s all the more infuriating because outside of CI, D’Onofrio rocks.  (The Cell is still haunting).  Conversely, I like the hard-luck case of Mike Logan.  Chris Noth has aged *very* well and while I’m going to miss Annabella Sciorra’s twitchy Barek, who was a great foil for Logan, Julianne Nicholson is an inspired choice as her replacement.

I’ll be watching Veronica live and taping Mike Logan CI’s for later that night.

10pm — Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit (NBC)

10pm — Nip/Tuck, then The Shield (FX)

SVU is simply the best of the L&O franchises because it shows the least respect to the format, letting the characters tell the story rather than the format.  Hargitay didn’t deserve her Emmy nomination for the predictable, tired “911,” but I’m glad that Meloni got his nom for his tour de fource episode whose title escapes me right now.  OTOH, Lauren Graham isn’t even nominated in the Lead Actress Comedy category, so all the emmy nominations are tainted by this year’s Emmy stupidity.  Make of it what you will.

I’m addicted to Nip/Tuck’s twisted sense of humor even when I’m hiding my eyes at the graphic, gory surgery scenes.  Walsh and MacMahon were inspired casting all the way and I seem to be only one of three people who loved the finale of The Carver storyline.  Can’t wait for season 4.  The Shield, meanwhile, just keeps flooring me with excellent performances from its entire cast, Chiklis, Pounder, Karnes, and the criminally underappreciated Walton Goggins as the hapless doofus, Shane.  Best cop show on television right now.

So I’ll be watching SVU live and taping Nip/Tuck and The Shield, which often run-over and are easier to program on my Media Center DVR on my computer than they would be on a regular VCR.  Note, too, that in most cases, my choice to watch live versus watch taped has little to do how feel about the one show compared to the other.  It’s just which one is more convenient to tape.  OTOH, you should be able to glean my preferences among all the shows taken as a whole anyway.

6 Responses to “Fall 2006: My Tentative Viewing Schedule, Part 2: Tuesdays and Wednesdays”

  1. Karen Says:

    I just recently discovered Veronica Mars through DVDs, because my area does not have a UPN affiliate. When I realized that I would be able to watch s3 of VM on the CW, I rented s1. I am currently about half way through s2 of the DVDs. I expected to like it because Buffy is may favorite show of all time and Buffy fans seem to love VM. I can see why. Rob, you’re right to describe it as Buffy without the supernatural. So far, this show isn’t coming anywhere close to Buffy in my mind and heart, but then I haven’t watched the episodes a dozen times each. (I am currently going through the entire series of Buffy on DVD.) Even so, Veronica Mars is better than most shows on TV, and it’s surpising that I think so when I categorically hate cop and other detective shows. Then again, I categorically hate horror, and Buffy contains some of that in its mixed up genre soup. There’s enough character development and long arc mystery in Veronica Mars to keep me interested, and I am looking forward to being able to watch new episodes on the day they first air.

  2. Alicia Jo Says:

    Tuesday GG, VM, and Standoff

    Wednesday 30 Rock, Supernatural, Justice, and The Nine

    Though I’m still not 100% sure I’ll have the CW.

  3. shutuprob Says:

    Hi, Karen! I like that you’re seeing the Buffy of Veronica. It’s a great show and the panel at Comic-Con was fan-dan-tastic. If there’s enough demand, I’ll port my post on the Comic-Con panel from atvm over to here.

    As for VM not coming close to Buffy yet — well, it *is* only starting season three. Buffy wasn’t even “Buffy: The Uberexperience” until at least the end of season 3. And Gilmore Girls wasn’t really the Legendary Gilmore Girls until the season 4 finale. It just takes time for even great new shows to become great shows period. I agree, though, that some fans of VM are pushing it a little too hard and creating expectations for newbies that the show’s not supposed to meet as a show that’s only in its third season. The LoVe (Logan-Veronica) ‘shippers, in particular, are even more out of control than the Lor-Luke ‘shippers, if you can believe that. I think that VM works best when it works up the pomo Nancy-Drewishness of Veronica and it’s weakest when it tries to be a pomo Chinatown, if you can get that. But the recent news that Enrico Colantoni’s costar from Just Shoot Me!, Laura San Giacomo, is joining the show to play Kieth’s love interest has just made my interest go through the roof because not only do they have great chemistry, but LSG can navigate the comedy and the drama of VM so well that I’m looking forward to seeing what she can do if Rob Thomas lets her cut loose.

    Note: I do have a little bit of bias in favor of Veronica Mars because I’m a graduate of SDSU’s then-theatre department (it recently, and wisely, merged with the radio-tv-film department) and Hearst College is actually SDSU’s “old campus” buildings — the same ones that were used for the high school in Bring It On.

  4. Greg Says:

    Surely you should record the one you like more, and let the lesser show be the one interrupted by commercials.

  5. shutuprob Says:

    It’s not as simple as that as Veronica Mars is so quippy that it often requires rewinds. So my prioritizing is based part on what I absolutely have to watch live (Gilmore Girls) and what is comfort food that I can tape for watching later (NCIS) — and on what I absolutely have to tape in order to rewind the gotcha moments (Gilmore Girls, The Office). So my designations of what I watch live and what I watch on tape don’t really correspond to absolute priority. Heck, I even watch Gilmore Girls live on WPIX at 7pm CT (I’m in MO) and then tape the same episode at 10pm CT on KTLA. I lucked out because my part of MO hasn’t had a local WB or UPN station, so we got to subscribe to the superstations package (KTLA, WPIX, WGN, KWGN, WWOR). Three different timezones of the WB sure did make programming the VCR a LOT easier, keeping me watching CBS and FOX shows that I otherwise would have dropped in favor of WB shows in the hypothetical situation of actually *having* a WB station.

  6. sureshg Says:

    Nice blog ! I enjoyed reading your blog.

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