Avengers 2: Why Marvel Has My Next Sale

At Target, the Ultimate Avengers 2 disc included a CD-Rom featuring the first issues of Strange (a reboot of Dr. Strange that I already have that is really, really, good and ready for adaptation into a movie) and Iron Man:  The Technis Imperative (IIR the title correctly).  I didn’t have that second comic and the GUI used to display the issue and its gorgeous art by Ari Granov was surprisingly easy to use (the one drawback:  the zoom buttons didn’t work and I had to zoom in and out manually with the right-cllick button).  It’s a great introduction to the story and a great introduction to a new format for reading comics.  But I’ll be getting the graphic novel because I’d rather have the paper in my hands.  Marvel should, however, do more of the discs and even have simultaneous release of the discs of individual issues on CD-Rom AND regular old floppy pamphlet at the same time, with the CD-Rom priced at $2 rather than $3.  The CDs could be displayed on counterspaces and other places where space for smaller objects is at a premium.  All in all, Marvel made a great reading experience with this experimental format and I hope they experiment with it a LOT more.

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