Style-Guide Questions

1)  What type of writing style does my blog and usent writing seem to resemble the most at this point?  Critic, reviewer, commentator?  Whatever style I am, what books do you think I should look into to focus my style even more while at the same time keeping it conversational and as approachable as I possibly can?

2)  Does anyone know what sort of style guide Steve Grimm may have used when he created The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 at way back when when that show started?  Newsfeeds like the new are fine, but the webshrines, well, when you’ve seen one webshrine, you’ve seen ’em all.  So I’m thinking more in a dramaturgical direction with Gg and want to know how Grimm did it.  He had the advantage of starting the site early on and following B5 all the way through its development and execution whereas Gg has existed for 6 years already with, really, little in the way of dramaturgical analysis beyond the best reviewers on atgg and certain message boards other than TwoP.  Other than that, I’ll have to rely on my own dramaturgy books and past projects from my classes, but I’m still wondering if there’s a style guide or two that I could use to move beyond the usual Watcher’s Guide-style of superficiality that hamstrings the Buffy and Angel guides.

3 Responses to “Style-Guide Questions”

  1. Greg Says:

    Again: just do it. Formal = formulaic. Why follow prescribed notions? It’s the internet: you shouldn’t need to strike a balance between ‘style’ and being conversational. (Though I recommend dropping the apostrophe before every instance of the words ship/shipper. Yes, we know it’s an abbreviation. Don’t bog it down.)

  2. shutuprob Says:

    My bipolar nature and social phobia makes it hard for me to make decisions sometimes, so I ask for help. Getting the help, I get to know the poster better and from there, sometimes, I intuitively know how the poster thinks about a certain style question and don’t have to ask about a third or fourth question.

  3. garyM Says:

    with posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

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