Just a Heads Up on the Format of this Blog

It’s a work in progress, of course.  As I figure things out, more will be able to happen.  I want to be able to start doing threads about TV shows as the new season begins, so that’ll start up in a month.  Meanwhile, the more diary-like entries (which will never go away) will be the majority of the posts.

That said — what did everyone think of the new episode of Eureka?  I’m having fun with it.  It’s beyond me to do a dissertation on it at the moment, so let’s talk about it.  Northern Exposure talk in this thread would be helpful, too.  Thanks!

One more thing for readers who are coming from alt.tv.gilmore-girls:  I like being the FAQ-keeper and I like talking to/with you, even the arguments, so I don’t expect my participation to go down.  My participation will probably decrease in rec.arts.tv, but that’s really to be expected and Ian had better get his ass over here.  😉

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