Fall 2006: My Tentative Viewing Schedule, Part 1: Sunday and Monday

Yes, all timeslots are subject to change, especially if the show is on NBC or ABC, but this is how it looks to me via TV Guide’s scheduling grid at http://online.tvguide.com/special/fallpreview2006/index.asp, which they keep updating when some suit or another starts getting the caffeine jitters.  So, day by day, here it goes:


9:00pm — Cold Case (CBS)

10:00pm — Without a Trace (CBS)

Virtually nothing else holds any interest for me whatsoever, so I’ve been watching Without a Trace this summer, gearing up for it becoming my replacement show for the relocated Crossing Jordan and I like what I’m seeing so far — even though it’s vastly overpopulated with too many investigators not named Sam Spade right now.  Cold Case, in my opinion, can be jumped into at any time and IMO is the only best,  substitute for the decrepit Desperate Housewives in the 9pm timeslot.


8:00pm — How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

8:00pm — Prison Break (FOX)

HIMYM is the best sleeper hit I’ve seen in years — and it’s all due to, like with its clear predecessor, Friends, the incredible chemistry of the cast.  I’ll be watching Prison Break live and taping HIMYM to watch later in the evening.  And demented me, when Prison Break goes on hiatus, I’ll be watching Countdown with Kieth Olberman on MSNBC as my lead-in to 24 on FOX — it’s the best one-two punch on television.

9:00pm — Heroes

9:00pm — 24 (in January)

The 72-minute version of the Heroes’ pilot at Comic-Con in San Diego last month was amazing.  And clearly edited down from a two-hour version in which Greg Grunberg doesn’t appear until the second hour into a 72-minte version in which he appears in the first 15 minutes.  If NBC has any brains it will either air either the full two-hour pilot or the 72 minute version we saw at Comic-Con on one night and just simpliy do away with the very dumb plan to serialize the pilot.  Best new show I’ve seen so far.  I’ll be watching it live for the most part because there’s nothing else on, but I’ll be taping it once 24 starts in January and watching Heroes later that night.  If they air the 72-minute version, I’d like to see some reshoots to clarify the terrorist plot a bit because it lost me even at the con.  Warning to all those that have seen the 72-minute pilot:  Please do not give away the twist ending to the pilot, it’s on the level of The Sixth Sense or The Crying Game in terms of having the rug pulled out from under you. Let’s all collaborate on making sure that the regular viewing public gets to be just as surprised as we were.

10:00pm — Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

10:00pm — CSI:  Horatio!!!! (Hi, Ian!)

CSI: Miami is now a camp classic that I’ll tape and watch later.  Studio 60 has the most stunning pedigree — Sorkin, Perry and Whitford and is the most highly anticipated new show of the season — I’ll be watching it live.

NOTE:  ABC pretty much has no presence on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays or Saturdays.  That does NOT bode well for the network, which I’m thinking should merge with the WB, UPN, MyNetwork, the CW.

Next, in Part 2:  I’ll reveal what else I’ll be watching besides Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and NCIS on Tuesdays.  And Wednesdays have some easy choices to make thanks to timeshifting.

3 Responses to “Fall 2006: My Tentative Viewing Schedule, Part 1: Sunday and Monday”

  1. John Says:

    I waver on watching “Without a Trace”. Sometimes always watching it and other times ignoring it. I have been watching the re-runs this summer.

    My complaint (which WoT shares with many procedurals) is the plots are often absurd. In an effort to keep procedural fans in suspense they have more twists and turns than are likely (or even possible).

  2. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    NCIS is another one that I will be watching. I just saw the other night that Grey’s Anatomy is going up against CSI on Thursday evenings. NOT FAIR!!!! I don’t want to have to buy VHS to tape one or the other! But on the other hand, I am going to have to buy VHS to tape DAYS, as I am going to be working 7am-3.30 pms in Sept, and will not be able to stay up till 11pm to watch DAYS on SoapNet.

  3. Alicia Jo Says:

    Sunday will be Makeover Home Edition and the rerun of ANTM.

    Monday Prison Break/HIMYM, Heroes, and Studio 60.

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