Wednesday Means Adventure

I live in Central Missouri right now (I’ll explain why eventually in another post).  I was in no condition to do the one-hour drive to Columbia to the only decent comic shop between Kansas City and St. Louis, Columbia’s Rock Bottom Comics, so my mom drove me there to get new comics (it also allowed her the chance to go hunting for turquoise jewelry ’cause she’s a freak for turquoise) and her Subaru Outback gets a flat tire waaaay out in the boonies.  In 90+ degree heat.

And I haven’t changed a tire in eight years.

But I do anyway.  I finally figured out how to use a jack and those pain in the ass short lug wrenches (I prefere the big T-wrenches because I’m small), but I figured out that you’re actually suppoosed to stomp on the small lug wrench to get it going.  I’m slow on the uptake that way, but I did it, got the tire off — it was exhausting, in 90-plus degree heat, but I did it.  And then we decided, heck with it, let’s go in and do what we were going to do anyway (me to go get new comics, she to go spend more of my inheritance on turquoise jewlery) and then get the tired fixed at the local Wal-Borg Continuum.  Worked out fine.  But still, I changed a tire.  In my strange state of mind.  And mind you, I weigh about 150 lbs, have about half the strength of Kirk from Gilmore Girls and no mechanical aptitude whatsoever.  But I changed a tire and felt like Luke for a day.

2 Responses to “Wednesday Means Adventure”

  1. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    I am proud of you! WTG!!! Knew you had it in you!

    As for mom spending “your inheritance”….. Well, maybe I just won’t get started on that. All I can say is let her have her fun! I enjoy listening to how much fun she has, and the enjoyment she gets from spending her money on turquoise!!!! You don’t hear the pleasure and joy in her voice when she has made that awesome purchase? I sure do when I talk to her and she tells me of her latest buys! She cannot take her money with her, and if that is what she wants to do with her money, I say let her!

  2. shutuprob Says:

    Dude, she bought a simple string of bright blue Sleeping Beauty turquoise that’s capped with bright red coral on each end. I call it the Superman Necklace ’cause it’s that close in color and 1) it’s mine even after she dies, hopefully in her 90’s as all the Kratzer women have and 2) she’s a collector — if I can’t tweak her a little, then that’s just not fair. 8^p

    And besides, most turquoise holds and/or goes up in value. I’ve already claimed the Superman Necklace (which I’ve told Mom I’m gonna wear to Comic-Con next year) and you can have the squash blossom (a form that does nothing for me). But still, she’s a collector and I like watching her enjoy it. I’m even getting to know the proprietors of Best of the West at myself and I’ve got my eye on a Wolf Kachina that’s tres cool and fits me.

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