Things I Hate About Computers . . .

. . . modems that keep crapping out on me.

 Things I love about wordpress . . . I can access and edit and update from any computer whatsoever, which beats even my Usenet software.  So don’t fear, when I have to take Marvin into the shop for upgrades, there shouldn’t be an cessation of service.

OTOH, I’m still suffering from an overdose of Geodon — I’m now on the correct dosage, but it’s taking me time to calm down from the O.D.  Cottonmouth and lockjaw yesterday, cottonmouth and a totally stressed back today.  My brain should be functioning as close to its normally abnormal self in the next couple of days.  But that never stopped me from discussing Gilmore Girls before.  So think of this as, well, as Atrios would put it, “Yeah, yeah, another stupid thread” (to the tune of the Ramones.)

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