Yes, Clearly I’m a Newbie At This

I know, I know.  I’ll get a sidebar going and an RSS feed up and running as soon as I figure out how to do them.  (I’m a newbie, remember?)  in the meantime, try  She’s great and she’s one of the Row 1 Regulars who helped push me to blog.

4 Responses to “Yes, Clearly I’m a Newbie At This”

  1. Idodoodle Says:

    Hi, Rob.

    I’m not one of the Row 1 people but I am an avid E! Online visitor. I mostly lurk but when I do weigh in it’s on Buffy, Gilmore, Project Runway, and General Hospital.

    BUT enough about me! I’m posting to let you know that I was able to subscribe to your feed by typing this url into my feed reader’s “add RSS by URL” box (I use

    So congrats on your blog launch. I hope you enjoy writing Shut Up Rob! as much as I will enjoy reading it.



  2. ShutUpRob Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Laine!

  3. Hannibal Says:

    Hey Rob,
    On the bottom of every page of this here blog, you’ll find links to the general RSS feed with all your entries in full, and also a feed filled with the comments people post.

    neat huh?

  4. shutuprob Says:

    I’m trying it, Hannibal, but when I see all the comments, all the HTML coding comes with it, making it unreadable. Of course, I’m using AOL software because Netscape doesn’t seem to like WordPress at all, though. Maybe I’ll just buckle down and try this through MSIE and see what happens. Thanks!

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