Could Someone Please Tell Me Why Lauren Graham’s Face Isn’t Plastered All Over the Newsstands?

I mean, really, why?  No Cosmo, no Redbook, no Family Circle.  What in the hell is wrong with a) Lauren’s publicists (answer: probably nothing, they just can’t their feets in the Conde Nast doors), b) Warners’ publicists (answer: they’ve got too many shows and movies to worry about one critically acclaimed, drop-dead gorgeous actress) and c) the dumbass editors of these dumbass magazines?  I mean, who the hell wants to see French Capital Hotel spread her legs *again?*  And come on, 87 billion covers of Jennifer Aniston is gilding the frickin’ lily — the frickin’ beautiful lily, albeit — but still, twenty of those covers could be taken from the artificial Vaughniston soap opera, given to Lauren Graham (thereby making all of us who are *starving* for Graham and Gilmore information darn skippy) and the magazines would *still* selll like hotcakes.  Because we wuvs us our Lauren Graham.  Really, we do.  That’s why Bad Santa is two years old and yet to be in the bargain basement of titles at your local Tarzhay.

So here’s an idea I’d like to see Vanity Fair do:  Lauren posing in an parody of VF’s French Capital Hotel cover, where the useless heiress was wearing jodhpurs and pretty much nothing else.  And I can see the headline for the cover:  “Who’da Thunkit?  This Gal Loves Horses!”

And she’s got the interesting upper-class social life that Vanity Fair loves to cover.  And she’s not blonde.  And she didn’t violate SEC Laws.  What a novelty that cover would be!

5 Responses to “Could Someone Please Tell Me Why Lauren Graham’s Face Isn’t Plastered All Over the Newsstands?”

  1. J Says:

    You said it all beautifully. I think Lauren is unbelievably amazing. I think she’s one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen, and on top of that, she can act like no other. Whatever she is saying or doing, I am always caught up in it because she makes it so real. The fact that she has not been recognized as she should makes me absolutely sick. I agree 100% that she should be on the covers of every top-notch magazine out there, & don’t even get me started on the Emmy situation.

  2. John Says:

    Well, it is not because she isn’t good looking.

    Some covers are going to be taken up by scandals or rumors of scandals and fortunately LG isn’t part of that.

    As for other covers, I wonder if she doesn’t want it unless she has a project to promote. Maybe when her movie nears release she will be more visible.

    I have seen some of the younger WB/UPN/CW actresses on magazine coves so it is not the network she is on (or at least not completely).

  3. shutuprob Says:

    I don’t think it’s because she doesn’t have projects to promote. My suspicion (especially after Melissa McCarthy’s tour of WBB in the s5 set) is that Lauren isn’t just an Irish Catholic School Girl at heart — she’s *very* painfully shy. We’ll just have to do her work for her. Maybe when Evan Almighty comes out, we’ll see her on an EW cover, but even then, Steve’s going to get the spotlight. Michael Ausiello even had to sell an arm and three legs to get TV Guide to do the Gg covers a year ago in the final weeks of its otherwise useless digest format. I think she’s just shy and we need to prod the magazines to bring her out of her shell. Her Hollywood Life shoot was fantastic despite the presence of Riley the Himbo — the shot of her in a cherry red evening gown holding a bowling ball, that should be her head shot. It says it all about her sense of humor, grace and beauty.

    Absent that, I think we need to start, like, a Gazebo Event or something to encourage the CW and the show to make season 8 and beyond.

  4. mg714 Says:

    Rob – congrats on the blog! Great job! Just wanted to add that I agree w/ you on the lack of publicity for Lauren Graham. She’s an actress that fans as well as other actors admire (or should admire 😉 ). I’ve noticed a lack of publicity for everyone on the show as well. I’ve just recently seen Alexis Bledel in some interviews on TV, and I can’t remember seeing anyone else from the show on any talk show or featured in any magazine articles.

    I’m really looking forward to Evan Almighty – I’m sure it will be a pretty significant hit movie, so perhaps that will bring Lauren out in the spotlight more, assuming she wants it! 🙂

    Keep up the great blogging!

  5. shutuprob Says:

    Hi, mg! Thanks for checking me out and great point about Alexis, too!

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