A Little About Myself Is a Lot of Words

Since I haven’t really done an “about” page or anything yet, I thought I’d rattle off a number of titles from TV, Film, Theater and Comics, the four media which I’ll most often be writing about in this blog.

TV:  Gilmore Girls (they are the Alpha and the Omega of television), Everwood, Eureka, Battlestar Galactica (new), Veronica Mars, Everwood (its cancellation broke my heart, too), Prison Break, Moonlighting (the later. post-boink episodes actual aged well, too), Northern Exposure (Best Buy had them on sale for $20 each last week!), The X-Files, Nip/Tuck, The 4400, The OC (whenever Summer is the focus, even if she isn’t wearing a comic book outfit), Buffy, Angel and Serenity (catch me on one of the extras, Re-Lighting the Firefly, for about 30 seconds six minutes into it, I’m the guy in the dark red tee doing all the whooping and hollering), Grey’s Anatomy, Farscape, Joan of Arcadia (where’s my season 2 DVDs dammit!), NewsRadio, The Tick (live-action, which was Seinfeld, but with Kramer as an idiot superhero), “V”, Greg the Bunny (watched The Jewel Heist just before having my dog neutered — it was hysterically sick).  Lots more, but you get the idea.

Movies:  Moulin Rouge!  (Elephant Love Medley should have gotten the Oscar for Best Song), Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bad Santa (can’t beat Lauren Graham having a Santa fetish while wearing cleverly slutty outfits). All Three of the Matrixes — aka “Norton Antivirus: The Complete Movie Saga”, Donnie Darko (Director’s Cut Version as it restores a lot of scenes that should have stayed in the movie). all the View Askew movies, Jackie Brown, Memento, Quills, Marat/Sade, Grey Gardens (the Crazy Cat Lady documentary that’s one of the inspirations for Gilmore Girls), Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous “Untitled” version (the movie really needed the extra attention paid to the Band-Aids), All About Eve (there’s more than a little Bette Davis in Kelly Bishop’s Emily Gilmore), Galaxy Quest — really, the more Meta or nonlinear or expressionist, the better.

Oh, and Grease 2 is the best bad musical ever and I defy anyone to say differently.  Maureen Teefy is pure gold in that movie.  “Let’s Do It For Our Country,” indeed!

Comics:  hundreds of the standard superhero fare, but also, Strangers In Paradise, Cerebus, ElfQuest, Groo, Hellboy, Y: The Last Man, Fables, Gregory, Powers, Queen & Country, Bendis & Maleev’s Daredevil, Ranma 1/2, Lone Wolf & Cub, Ambush Bug, Nexus, Zot!, Age of Bronze (please pick up this astonishingly detailed adaptation of The Trojan War — it will stun you), Dawn.  Again, if it’s nonlinear and/or expressionistic, or surreal, I love it.

Theater:  Hair, Stand-Up Tragedy, Into the Woods, A Little Night Music and practically everything else Sondheim, The Doll’s House, The Crucible — which needs a restaging with Alexis Bledel as Abigail Williams before Alexis gets too old, Our Country’s Good, The Kentucky Cycle (I was the dramaturge for the second half of the cycle at my state university several years ago), Angels In America, Marat/Sade (again), Judevine (at SRT in 1998).  Again, the nonlinear and/or expressionistic and/or Meta, the better. 

Obviously, I like boundary-pushing work.  It’s fun to watch even the disasters as they help to explain why the rules and conventions work.  And when you have that foundation, you appreciate the more (“so-called”) conventional work even more than you might otherwise.  Because the genre-busters *force* you to think about what’s going on.  You get trained in thinking about what you’re seeing, and then you can see the very experimental stuff going on in the heart of the more seemingly conventional, like Gilmore Girls, which I swear to god is an art-house movie the length of a tv series.

So that’s a little about me.  What are your interests and why do you like?


7 Responses to “A Little About Myself Is a Lot of Words”

  1. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    Okay, So I don’t really like a lot of the over the edge stuff that you do. I do have to throw out my 2 cents, and give my fave theatricals (not that I have seen many). My fave theatricals would be Oklahoma! Christmas Carol,….. ummmmm lol okay, so I haven’t been to anymore than two or three. BUT I did enjoy both of those!

    TV~ Yes, you can roll your eyes bro, DAYS. Grey’s Anatomy, CSI (the original series). M*A*S*H is a diehard fave as well. Other than that, I really don’t pay much attention to what is on TV. Oh wait, Criminal Minds and Without a Trace pop into mind too. I like the whodunits and howdtheydoits.

    Movies~ We actually like at least one movie the same……….. Rocky Horror Picture Show ROCKS! There are just so many to list, and a wide variety of movies that I LOVE!!! From musicals to Horror…. There is not one specific genre that I favor over the other. Its all a matter of how it is directed and the story line and casting and all that! Okalohoma and Paint Your Wagon are probably my fave musical movies, with Sound of Music and Carousel! following closely behind. The Hellraiser movies, and Phantasm movies are probably my top horror flick, and as far as action goes, Fast and the Furious comes to mind off hand. Disney~ Well, who doesn’t love at least 1 Disney Movie??? Ol’Yeller, Parent Trap (was the original Disney too? I like that one a lil better than the remake with Lindsey Lohan), Lion King, just to name a few! Arthur would be my favorite love/comedy, I would have to say. Jerry Brukheimer is one of my favorites and Ron Howard too, when it comes to their area of expertise in the industry.

    Okay, I think I touched base a little bit, everywhere.

  2. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    WOOPS!!!! I completely forgot BREAKFAST CLUB!!!!! One of my movies that I can watch again and again and again…….

  3. shutuprob Says:

    >>>Criminal Minds

    How did you become my sister? 8^p

  4. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    I was born first… Don’t start!! LMAO 🙂

  5. shutuprob Says:

    Yes, you were born five years before I was. That makes me practically an only child. 8^p

  6. Alicia Jo Says:

    Donnie Darko is better in it’s non-directors cut form. The directors cut tends to shove Donnie is Jesus metaphor home. The movie wasn’t about that for me and I think the non-directors cut verison lets people have more choices for what the movie means to them.

    Can you please do a post about why you love GG so much? I just don’t understand why you would think it’s the best show ever (besides the fact that you’re stalking LG).

    Grease 2 really is such a great bad movie.

  7. shutuprob Says:

    Alicia, talking about why I love Gg so much will take up an entire website. I can’t quite put it into words other than to stress the art-house-i-ness of it at the moment. It’s working on about 5-8 different levels at any one time and something from the first season can have massive impact in the sixth. Likewise, in the finale of season 6, Lorelai and Rory’s positions are exactly reversed from where they were at the end of the s2 finale. with Lorelai’s boinking Chris being the same exact thing as Rory kissing Jess, except, like, not nearly as sexy as I would want Lorelai sleeping with anyone to be.

    Also, I didn’t really have a good relationship with my father (my sister, Lisa, aka BloodySpunkyScarlett — could you have PICKED a more awkward screen name to type? 😉 ) might disagree with me, but I don’t disagree that her relationship with our very Emily-like don’t-do-that-get-the-hell-out-of-my-way-father was better for her than it was for me. I even accept all the good things that she feels about him — it’s just that I never got the same from him. I feel like Lorelai every time Emily bites into her like my father bit into me. OTOH, I totally shut down after I almost drowned when I was four, so disobeying my father, running away, talking back, whatever, never occurred to me, while Lorelai had a baby at 16 and thereby got an opportunity to run away from her poisonous parent. My father passed away from pancreatic cancer four years ago (LAUREN GRAHAM STOP SMOKING ALREADY, WILLYA!). so I’m having a better relationship with my mother and am making progress in untangling the clenchy mess of my personal life. I’m like Kirk, but with a therapist and without a Lulu (who would preferrably look like Lauren, but c’est la vie).

    Cue the mandolin

    “Oh no, I’ve said too much
    I haven’t said enough”

    — REM — Do I even *have* to credit a song that obvious? (Okay, “Losing My Religion,” just for the lawyers).

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