Why Am I Here?

Thank you all for coming.  As you can probably tell, blogging is new to me.  I hope to collaborate with you to develop my own unique voice about pop culture in general and movies, TV and comics in particular.  My trusted friends from Row 1 at Kristin’s E! Chats on Mondays, thank you for pushing me to do this, it looks like fun.  And I hope you’ll help me shape this blog into something worthwhile.

In the meantime, this is a work in progress, so those of you who know how to help shape voices to say what they want to say, feel free to mentor me into the blogosphere.  Thanks, Hannibal, Andrea, Alicia Jo, Kath (GMMR) and everyone else who are helping me in this way. 

Also, a shoutout to Kristi, my IM buddy for the past couple of years, Thanks!  I couldn’t have stayed sane without those late night chats.

PS:   I want to get a REAL sidebar going, with blogs that I want to support, so any help in that area would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

PPS:  There’s a reason I don’t really answer the title, “Why Am I Here?”  Let’s spend some time blogging and figuring that one out.

6 Responses to “Why Am I Here?”

  1. hannibalsmith Says:

    Dude! finally!

  2. Toliver63 Says:

    Looking forward to more of the patented shutuprob wit and insight.

  3. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:

    Cool Beans!!! Nice to see you doing something like this! I am really interested in seeing what you have to say! Your “wit and insight” ( to borrow from Toliver63, as they put it SO well!) regarding pop culture is something that I find enjoyable and interesting! Hope this works out for you! Love You!! ~Sis~

  4. ShutUpRob Says:

    Just to let you all know, BloodySpunkyScarlett really *is* my sister. Me luvs her anyway.

  5. BoodySpunkyScarlett Says:


  6. Flammable Says:

    Commenting on the vacuous trivialities of pop culture — I think you’ve finally found your calling, Rob.

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